Why are you here?

Sick of doing wedding shows and marketing yourself

Sick of chasing clients for money

Sick of spending countless hours consulting and getting no return on your time investment

You want a full calendar

We have certified you as one of the best in your field

You have a passion for what we do


Whats Next?


MUST fill out a contractor information form found below

MUST fill out and sign your contract (if you havent already)

MUST fill out W-9 form

MUST fill out calendar.  here is the link: https://www.keepandshare.com/myhome/index.php

Username: tacdmedia

Password: tacd2014

MUST order your Elegant Events Media shirt by emailing: 

Shirt Size: 
Female or male:
Mailing address:
you will need to pay by credit card by phone to: (916) 774-1616
MUST answer text messages, emails and phone calls within 24 hrs of being sent from our company or brides you are signed with
There is no minimum for how many bookings you have to accept per year.  We run off of a list that is seniority based. We have a very low turn over so the phone calls for bookings may be few and far between at first. 

I have a booking!


AWESOME!  Now what?

Each and every wedding and event has a coordinator assigned to it.  They should email you a link to the wedding webpage within 30 days of you being booked, if not please advise the company.

MARK THE DAY ON YOUR CALENDAR!!!! We do not accept changing dates around because you have someone who wants to book you for a day you have committed to us.  

Your bride will be given your contact info so be prepared they may contact you.

Within 30 days of the wedding or event you should have a timeline and a preferences sheet that answers questions about DJ, Photo and Video so you don't have to ask.

Be responsive to your brides, if you cant respond immediately to a text or email, simply respond and tell them that. Ignoring emails or texts is grounds for contact cancellation.  


My booked event date is getting close!


Always does! Be prepared! 

It is your responsibility to NOT be in the dark.  If your event is next week and you have no info, it is up to you to notify someone immediately. 

Review the timeline we provide, if you are confused, tell the event coordinator.  If you don't think the amount of hours is appropriate to capture everything you need to capture, tell your coordinator.  

Review the preferences sheet as it pertains to the service you will provide, confirm anything with the coordinator or the bride.  The bride's contact info will be on the wedding webpage, don't ever be afraid to reach out to them. 

Know where you are going.  The event location is on the wedding webpage.  Know where you are going.  If you know the wedding is in the mountains and there might not be cell coverage, print a map out.  

ALWAYS plan to arrive 1hr early in the area of the event.  Hang out a local starbucks if you get there to early but be there ON TIME to the venue.  Traffic is NOT an excuse, we all know it exists, plan for it.  Tardiness is grounds for contract cancellation.  

Make sure your Elegant Events Media Shirt is cleaned and wrinkle/stain free

Make sure your batteries are charged, extra batteries are ready, extra flash drives.  It is unacceptable and unprofessional for videographers or photographers to have to dump footage during an event to make room for new data.

Memorize your bride and grooms name, its embarrassing to ask their name on their wedding day.

Try and get the hotel room number before hand because most front desks will not give that info out. 


Its event day!


Breathe, be calm, we have faith in you or we would never have asked you to join our team

Remember you are part of a team.  We function as a team and require you to act as a team member.  This means be respectful and helpful to your fellow team members.  If they have a need you can fulfill then please do.  

All team members accept photo booth and lighting techs are required to wear a walkie talkie and headset.  Yes it may be in the way sometimes but it is handy and it is how we market the company, the bride expects it.

Ask questions, the dumb question is the one you don't ask, then you miss something as a result.

Try to be as helpful and speedy as you can to stick to the timeline.  

All team members will wear their Elegant Events Media shirt to all events.    

Be respectful of the venue, it is their house and you are a guest, act as such. 

You are a part of a team with a very good reputation in Northern California.  When you show up wearing one of our shirts most venues know that you are representing us and have higher expectations for you.  

If there are other vendors not on our team, work with them, if there is an issue advise the coordinator.

Always put forth your best. We can never ask for anything else. 


I had a great event! What now?


You mean you want to be paid?  Yes of course!  Simply fill out the timecard on this page and Send to joshtacdmedia@gmail.com.  Please allow 7 business days for delivery.  The payment will come via email. (restrictions for video and photo apply)


Be timely about editing your photos and uploading your video footage.     

Did you get a tip?  Spend it! Save it! We don't need to know about it, it's yours.