To ensure that we are giving you the experience you deserve, please review the important information below then check the box to confirm that you have received this information.  Then complete all applicable wedding information forms based on your package.


General Information

WELCOME! Congratulations on hiring the only full media team in California!! Our team includes videography, aerial drone videography, photography, Disc Jockey, photo booth, lighting, engagement videography, and relationship slideshows. With your team (a team is at least video/photo/DJ) you will also have assigned a media coordinator, this coordinator will be your point of contact throughout your planning process to include the day of your wedding.

Here is a list of some of the possible next steps:

1. Engagement Photo shoot: You will schedule this with your photographer one on one, on your media webpage you will notice at the bottom a list of all the contact information for your team. We usually like to do engagement photos as soon as possible. Extra charge $1.00/mile if the photographer has to travel more than 50 miles.

2. Engagement video shoot: If you have not booked yours, let’s hurry up and get it booked! Imagine an engagement video from your grandparents, how cool would that be?? Your grand kids will think yours is unforgettable too. We normally schedule your engagement video and photos the same day, we loosen you up with the photos then do the video shoot soon after. Extra charge $1.00/mile if the videographer has to travel more than 50 miles.

3. A team meeting: We like to plan this 2 months before the wedding. This will give you a chance to meet the team, and for you to give them a feel of how you would like your wedding day to go. However sometimes this may not be possible with schedules so we may schedule a conference call or Skype.

4. Love story slideshow: If you have booked your love story slideshow than we will need pictures! Lots of them! If you haven’t booked yours yet, let’s get it booked! We provide the screen, projector and man power to run it, you provide the memories! We play the slideshow during dinner.

5. Outside vendors. If you did decide to book a media vendor or freelancer that is not a part of our team, we will need you to provide all the contact information for this person or company. We do prefer to only work with insured companies or freelancers and we hope you agree, so please make sure they are insured.

6. As soon as a timeline is set by your venue and you have agreed upon it, please email a copy to your media coordinator asap.

We include the following in your documentary-style video:

Best man toast in its entirety

Ceremony in its entirety

First dances in their entirety

***If there is anything else that you want to make sure we include, please let your coordinator know as soon as possible.***

Highlight Video Music

For the music in your highlight video, our editors will use music that they find appropriate based on the music in your ceremony and reception, this doesn’t cost you any extra money. We do not use licensed music as this is against copyright law. If you would prefer, you can send me one or two songs (some highlight videos only use one song, some will need two) from the following websites. Please choose two songs and pay the royalty fee associated. If you choose this option, please find the music and send it to me so that our editors can use it when creating your video.

Using these music sites they will ask these questions. Please input the answers below:

Your project name: Wedding video.
Where is your song used?: Online

Finally, download the highest quality of your song.

Your other option is free of charge, choose a song from this list of songs we have chosen.

Please email your choice to your media coordinator.

Delivery and Revisions

You will be emailed when your videos have been posted on your wedding media page. They should be completed within 4-6 weeks after the wedding. After they are posted, please watch both videos and let us know if you have questions.

We strive to make them right the first time, but if you see anything that needs corrected, let us know. Alterations must be requested within 30 days of receiving the videos on your media page. We allow up to 5 edits in a single request. Any additional requests will be charged at a rate of $100.00 per edit request.

I have received and read the information above.