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Photography Information

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Please review the list of shots our photographer can get for you during the formal photo session. Please mark each shot as "Must Have", "Want", or "Do NOT Want". (responses required for all options)

Bride with bridesmaids as a group

Bride with bridesmaids each individually

Groom with groomsmen as a group

Groom with groomsmen each individually

Bride with groomsmen

Groom with bridesmaids

Bridal Party Standing Together

Bridal Party Outdoors Jumping with Bouquets & Fists in the Air

Bride & Groom with Ring Bearer and Flower Girl(s)

Bride & Groom with Bride's Family

Bride & Groom with Groom's Family

Bride & Groom with Bride's Grandmother

Bride & Groom with Groom's Grandmother

Bride with Her Parents

Groom with His Parents

Bride with Her Siblings

Groom with His Siblings

Bride & Groom with Both Immediate Families in the Same Photo