Wedding Videographer (Shooter Only) Application



Dear Videographers, thank you for your interest in working with our team.

Elegant Events Media provides Videography, Photography, DJ, Photo Booth and Lighting as a team.  When booked, we expect our team members to be in our Elegant Events Media uniform and as part of the team they will need to wear a headset and radio to maintain contact with the rest of the team and the media coordinator.

We take care of all of the things that you normally handle. Such as marketing, contracts, payments, and schedules.  Brides may request a phone call with you of course before the wedding and we expect you would be more than willing to take part.  We need our videographers and photographers to stay on the same page and work with each other when gathering their shots throughout the day.

We are team spirited and function like a family. We keep our team small which is why we work so well together.  We have company mixers at our cost once a quarter and an awards banquet once a year where we award our hardest working folks, provide dinner and prizes.  Its a lot of fun! Since we compensate better than other companies, we do have a higher expectation.

Please see below for the requirements:

  1. Must submit a copy and maintain a business license
  2. Must submit a copy and maintain business insurance
  3. You will be expected to invoice our company after the shoot is finished and the footage is uploaded to our dropbox, pay will be submitted within 7 business days after invoice is emailed to us.
  4. Must purchase a company uniform shirt
  5. Must own, not rent, at least 2 full frame cameras (IE: Canon 5D MarkIII, Canon 6D, Nikon D750)
  6. Must own, not rent, at least 1 full frame camera that is good in low light
  7. Must own, not rent, 2 wireless lav microphone setups for clear audio, Shure or Seinheiser quality.
  8. Must own, not rent, an H series wireless recorder with proper xlr and rca hookups to tap into Dj boards.
  9. Must own, not rent, a series of lenses that allow you to capture the wedding from all angles near and far.
  10. Must have a backup camera full frame.
  11. Must have 2 tripods and a monopod
  12. Must have some type of gimbal (steadycam, ronin, osmo)
  13. Must have reliable transportation
  14. Must be willing to work on a team and work as a team with others (wear uniform shirt, radio and headset)
  15. Must have a passion and an eye for shooting weddings.
  16. Must have verifiable positive reviews we can look up online from at least 10 brides.
  17. Must have at least 10 videos we can view of your work online
  18. Must possess drone license and keep valid
  19. Must own, not rent, high quality aerial drone for videography

Pay Scale (non negotiable)

  1. $100hr while on site shooting
  2. Aerial Video $300.00 additional to hourly when bride books aerial drone

If you possess these qualifications please fill out the form below!